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We have at our disposal the following premises:
  • closed warehouse with an area of 648 m² and 650 pallet locations. The warehouse is equipped with a high racking system which optimizes the use of cubage and allows for direct access to all stored materials.
  • two tent warehouses with a total area of 150 m². These are structures with aluminum frame, the roof and the walls are made of high quality flame resistant PVC. They are resistant to seasonal weather changes and to extreme weather conditions. It is perfect for storing materials or products resilient to low and high temperatures.
  • storage shed with an area of 756 m², for storing materials and goods resistant to weather conditions.
  • Our infrastructure consists of i.e. system of three loading docks, forklifts, pallet trucks, electric pallet stacker assures efficient unloading and reloading of goods both in the pallet as well as parcel form.
  • The safety of the stored goods is assured by the system of surveillance cameras with a remote signaling system in case of break in or fire.

Closed warehouse with high racking system

Tent warehouses

Storage shed


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